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Skin Care  &  Anti-aging


Maria is an excellent aesthetician, and the products she recommends are not outrageously priced (and are from Spain). Highly recommend.

Jessica DePriest



This Center is the place to go, if you want to maintain your skin health, receive guidance on aging gracefully, and receive aesthetic treatments. This Center uses all of the modern technology I've never even heard of. Every procedure that I have experienced has had positive results and exceeded my expectations. I consistently receive compliments on my skin and appearance. This Center has given me hope that I can age gracefully, and provided me with essential information about maintaining proper skin health.This place is awesome!! I'll never go anywhere else.

E. Dibble



Very comfortable procedure and the results are amazing. Maria is excellent !

Katherine French



First time visit. Mary did an excellent job being very thorough and explaining every step along the way. Completely pain-free! I will recommend my friends and family to see her.

Jigna Patel



All the way around a 5 star experience. Really glad that I found a place that I like.

Kelly Perez



I would recommend this place to everyone. These people are so professional and treat people with respect. The man that sit in the front (don't kno his name) was truly so nice to me. Maria made me feel at ease and made me feel so comfortable. She let me kno step by step what she was doing. Great place!!!!

Leticia Love



I just had done an amazing facial by Maria. She is very professional and describes the services in detail. I loved the results. I highly recommend this center.

yaqui v



Love, love, love! My experience was truly extraordinary! I have been really pleased with the results. My skin looks brighter and tighter. I look years younger! In addition, the staff are very professional and courteous. I highly recommend this for all your skin care needs !!!

maria scalone



I had the platelet rich plasma treatment done a month ago and the results are amassing.I highly recommend this treatment. Venus Derm Aesthic Center is extremely professional

Michael Gonzalez







I have been wanting to get microblading done for a long time now but I could never settle on a place that I liked enough that I trusted to get my brows done. I went in and they looked at my skin and told me I should get the micropigmentation done because of how light I wanted them and how oily my skin was. I must say I LOVE THEM. At first I was like wow this is way dark but they assured me they will lighten up and they have! It’s only the 4th day but I can already tell a difference and I love it. They were very friendly and helpful the entire step of the way and even explained to me the difference between microblading and micropigmentation. Frank and Mary were amazing. The place was very clean and professional. I definitely recommend!

Kayce Marie Davis



I highly recommend this place ! After a long year of intensive research, I found the perfect place for microblading. I couldn't be happier with my results!. From the time I made my 1st call to the time I was done with my follow up appt they took great care of me. They provided me with the right information!. PEOPLE THIS IS WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!. DO'S AND DON'T 'S. If u follow the instructions you will have amazing long lasting results! Specially if ur looking for that "natural looking make up ". They were always available to answer every question. TRUST ME !!!! They go ABOVE AND BEYOND to please their customers. (I was a little hesitant at last minute... and they DIDN'T PRESSURE ME AT ALL TO GET THE SERVICE DONE!.) They even suggested for me to sleep on it, to think abt it and to come back when I was ready. In my opinion that says a lot !. After that gesture I was conviced I was in good hands.. I'm glad I decided to stay and get the eyebrows done. Maria rocks !!!! Highly recommended !!!!

Veronica V.



My mother had her brows done a month ago by Maria and is beyond pleased! She originally had them done two years ago at a different location and wasn’t happy with the results. My mother and the family love the end result that Maria accomplished. It looks amazing and you can't tell it was redone. Maria is very talented and highly recommended.

Natalia Medaglia



I had a wonderful experience at Venus Derm and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I had the Eyebrow Microblading and I highly recommend Venus Derm!! My eyebrows look amazing and Mary is the best!!

Marilyn Benitez



I had my microblading done here.very nice, clean place. Mary J very friendly and attentive.loved my experience!!! I honestly recommend Venus Derm. You will not regret it... i know i don't!!!

Lisset Espinosa



I love this place I just found out about them yesterday and from all the places this one gave me great feeling and they did a great job with my eyebrows. They are very professional and they prepare and explained every little detail. Can't wait to get the eyelashes done.

Yadira Collazo Cartagena



Maria did an excellent job on my eyebrows...microblading.
Eyebrows look natural and amazing. Thank you.

Norma Taylor


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