PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

The latest more effective technology

Our Hair Restoration Therapy is a combination of treatments that work altogether for maximum results.

The technologies used are:

PRP Plasma with Stem Cels subministrated painlessly with micro-needling and electronic injection.

Placenta serum applied periodically at home

Laser Red Light Therapy Cap used periodically in the convenience of your home.

The Treatment

Duration:  60-120 minutes depending on Protocol


Protocol :


  • Blood draw of 80cc


  • Blood processing and phases separation for PRP/CGF about 16cc


  • Scalp Numbing


  • Microneedling Dermapen Procedure with 10 cc PRP/CGF 


  • PRP/CGF electronic injection with Dermoporation device 16 cc of PRP/CGF


Home Care Products Included with The Treatment

Included with the PRP/CGF "ELITE" Full protocol, we create a special Plasma Preparation Cream to be used for 8 to 10 days after the treatment as follow-up. Clinically proven to increase PRP results

PRP Plasma Preparation Cream

$100 non-refundable Deposit is required to book an appointment,

the appointment cannot be cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice and the whole amount will be due